The team

Registered in Delaware, U.S.A and London U.K., with branch offices in Australia, Vanuatu and Malaysia, DESTO is an inclusive global company with team members from different parts of the world. Founded by a Malaysians, Samuel Law, a successful entrepreneurs from the Forex and Tech industries respectively, DESTO was founded upon the vision to do more for the society. The core team consists of citizens from Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Russia, Korea and Malaysia.
Harun Shawal
/ Community Investment Advisor /
Harun has significant experience in the fields of fund raising, venture capital & fund management. He has co-founded several financial institutions in South East Asia and is currently managing his own firm Nyne Holdings Pte Ltd.
Michael Chai
/ Community Marketing Expert /
With more than 20 years’ experience in multi-level networking. Known as the rock star of the industry.
Djenri Djusman
/ Senior Advisor (Indonesia) /
Launched his finance and banking career in USA. Successful entrepreneur and well-established in the trade, mining and plantation sectors. Currently, a high profile civil servant of the Indonesian government.
Core Team
Samuel Law
Founder & CEO
Mark Ricardo (Ganda)
Zen Master & Lead Support
Tatiana Stepanova
Content Development & Cybersecurity
Kelvin Yap
Client Services