The team

Arthur Huis int Veld
/ Community President of the DESTO Planet /
Very passionate about the future of our next generation, how Blockchain & AI will become the foundation that shapes and transitions humanity into a new world of economic well-being.
Samuel Law
/ Lead Creative Strategist of the Community /
With finance and private equity background of over 10 years. New Tech enthusiast, obsesssed with crypto and AI. Believes in a fully autonomous world in the next 100 years.
Tatiana Stepanova
/ Content Strategist and Storyteller /
Content designer and visual storyteller. Associate Professor from St. Petersburg Univeristy, Major in Cybersecurity. Tatiana is our content, pitch deck and web strategy expert.
Andrew Lee Hwan
/ Community Technical Advisor and Mentor /
Advisor to this great community, with experience ranging from companies such as Direct TV, Hughes Satellite, MEASAT, the ASTRO and many other high-level projects.
Sam Chi
/ Community Investment Advisor /
Ex-VP at JP Morgan, currently CEO and owner of the Landmark Entertainment Group Asia (started off strong with his first project being the seminal and critically acclaimed Old Boy), Mr. Chi has invested in and produced more than 20 movies.
Sergey Valuy
/ Smartym Pro CTO and Tech Visionary /
Talented community platform developer with team of more than 50 top notch talented developers from Belarus. Team of Jedi knights. Vast experience in Blockchain, IoT, mobile applications and many other innovative application.
Vitaly Yermakou
/ Chief Business Development of Smartym Pro /
Talented community platform developer team leader, bringing together talents to support the platform. Has experience in IoT, Blockchain and various high impact mobile solutions.
Valeria Volosach
/ Community Analysist and Product Thinker /
Skilled in business analysis, software product ideology formation and promotion for software products.
Markus Nordlund
/ Straight line Strategy Expert for the Community /
Believes in what his eyes can see. True realist and straight shooter. Wants a better, transparent, loving community for his next generation.
James Kong
/ Community Technical Developer /
Talented community technical developer of apps and platforms for financial institutions for the past 10 years. No nonsense character, straight shooter.
Mark Ricardo
/ Community Zen Master /
Cool as ice, especially in dealing with client support for the past 8 years in the finance industry.
Michael Chai
/ Community Marketing Expert /
With more than 20 years’ experience in multi-level networking. Known as the rock star of the industry.
Uros Petrovic
/ Community UI/UX Designer /
Talented community UI/UX designer with more than 8 years’ experience in print media, web design, logo and many other design specialisms. Awesome and positive energy is always within him. A Jedi talent.
Elvis HNG
/ Community AI Developer /
Very well-travelled trading algorithm designer and programmer. A true quiet talent in FX related trading strategist, using self-programmed auto traders and intuitive trading software.
Chee Fee Phan
/ Community Corporate Advisor /
A well-established and influential corporate person with an entrepreneurial drive supporting people and enterprises transitioning into the new industry 4.0.
Steve Stanley
/ Community Advisor on PR and Media /
A serial entrepreneur, has built multimillion dollar companies, such as Stanley Industries, Inc. Presently, he has been focusing on the blockchain industry having completed over 70 ICOs, some of which have raised USD $40M and still counting.
Harun Shawal
/ Community Investment Advisor /
Harun has significant experience in the fields of fund raising, venture capital & fund management. He has co-founded several financial institutions in South East Asia and is currently managing his own firm Nyne Holdings Pte Ltd.
Louis CM Loh
/ Strategic Partner and Advisor /
Specializes in Corporate Financial Planning, Corporate Advisory and Corporate Financing for SMI/SME. He is also being appointed by various SMI/SME as a Corporate Advisor.
Daehoon Park
/ Community Legal Advisor /
A business lawyer with extensive experience in commercial and corporate matters. He has assisted blockchain startup ICOs with respect to organizational structure, token sale agreement, regulatory compliance, and other legal matters.
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