Desto Roadmap

Conceptualize and identify a suitable use-case in a familiar industry
Start research and development on blockchain parameters and identify the most suitable consensus mechanism
Identify the Most Suitable Platform for building blockchain, Designing the nodes and hosting of nodes. White paper and pitch deck to be completed
Windows blockchain & Mac blockchain wallet and website to be completed. Pre mining coin preparing for seed level and pre-Ico. Setting up of Desto Blockchain LLC in Delaware
Demo version of Desto CX to be available. Mobile based blockchain wallet to be commenced / Application for license with Vanuatu, saint Vincent and USA. Taking over of MSC company in Malaysia to host operations
DESTO PAY p2p in beta Version 1. Android and IOS Crypto only
quarter 2 - quarter 3
Target beta launch of DESTO CX for public use of our crypto exchange for crypto transactions and crypto to fiat transactions. The launch of private seed funding and pre ICO, various roadshows to be organized
Target while pre-ICO is launched. Target soft cap achivement
DESTO PAY Version 2 with more features and basic merchant free API and merchant signups program
Target launch ICO on exchange. FastTrack 1 achieved will proceed with fulfilling all promised application development
DESTO RESERVE operation begins, by investment into mining operations if regulations environment is favorable
DESTO VENTURES begins shortlisting by identifying new ICOs consistent with POA protocol for potential underwriting. Target Hard Cap achievement
Mobile App development moving at full speed, with teams collaboration with Eastern Europe and ASEAN developers on community mobile apps with DESTO applications
Digital Payment Licenses will be purchased. Japanese Virtual Currency License
Fast Track 2 and 3 achieved. Provide more room for license applications
Digital Banking License application from Europe or FCA
More local crypto exchange license to be explored and engaged
More acquisition of digital money, licenses in Europe & USA
DESTOP PAY Merchant implementation - p2p payment, fiat to crypto, crypto to crypto, and releases
DESTO VENTURE to lead new ICO to DESTO CX listing. Target 10 solid POA candidates in 2019 alone
DESTO RESERVES crypto storage launch, DESTO COMMUNITY APP test phase, DESTO RESERVE mining facilities deployment
Further acquisition of identified next gen disruptive IT firm and ICOs, expected to complete Japanese Virtual Currency License with full staff and compliance director and crypto developers based in Tokyo
Further licensing and collaboration with governments (Non-Disclosure) on crypto exchange and several blockchain application related support. DESTO COMMUNITY APP BETA LAUNCH
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