We plant. We harvest. We share.
Join the DESTO mobile blockchain financial ecosystem to spread the seeds of economic change and help the world's 2.5 billion unbanked.
DESTO is the architect for change on the pathway for blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and cashless commerce for the new world of finance. Our mission is to provide financial enfranchisement to the world's unbanked, by blazing a new trail of enterprising, accessible and inclusive payment pathways to anyone with mobile or smartphone access. We are DESTO.
We plant. We harvest. We share.
Fast: Instant transactions.
Safe: Transactions will be verified by consensus amongst all the members in the network.
Transparent: Come as you are, leave as you wish. Enter the DESTO ecosystem with crypto or fiat, exit with crypto or fiat.
Affordable: Low transaction fees.
Tangible: A straightforward debit card will be issued for DESTO PAY users.
Legal: DESTO will invest in obtaining all the necessary Digital Banking and Digital Payment licenses.
DESTO has identified and addressed three pervasive problems of traditional financial infrastructure and decentralized crypto evolution -
all of which can be solved the DESTO way:
Individuals in rural regions, developing countries and remote regions are excluded from mainstream banking infrastructure.
Cryptocurrency transactions are cloaked in mystery, and deemed inaccessible due to tech jargon.
Lack of access to crypto exchange to fiat & to secondary market for the SMEs and SMIs.
DESTO CX: Multi cryptocurrency exchange and trading
Our sophisticated cryptocurrency conversion platform designed with the user in mind. DESTO CX will provide a highly accurate, real-time view of the liquidity of the crypto market, boosted by robust engineering and a secure platform.
DESTO PAY: Efficient P2P payments
Our payment solution via the DESTO APP, that aims to increase financial enfranchisement for the unbanked across the world and to normalize the everyday use of crypto in retail transactions for the purchase of products and services. Users of DESTO PAY will be provided with a DESTO PAY Wallet, in which to store and manage their crypto assets, and a debit card that they can use to access funds in their wallet. Merchants utilizing the DESTO PAY and DESTO APP functions can also reap the benefits of instant market liquidity.
DESTO VENTURES: supports the ICO launch with guaranteed sales
ICO consulting, ICO venture listing, private sector and government related blockchain integration projects that reach beyond an ICO.
DESTO RESERVE: Сrypto storage to save and invest your cryptocurrency
This focuses on two investing methods: mining and crypto funding of new ICOs in accordance with a proof of assets protocol.
DEO Coin Distribution
Clients 51,58%
Founders & Advisors 25,33%
Merchants 15,00%
Reserves 8,09%
The crypto sale will start in the second quarter of 2018 with a USD 6 Million Softcap. A further USD 10 million will allow us to fully launch our universal mobile crypto-finance platform. This will involve investing into DESTO’s mining operations; ICO diversification, DESTO VENTURES shortlisting pre-qualified new ICOs, consistent with POA protocol for potential underwriting, launch DESTO CX mobile exchange, submitting the application for our Japanese Virtual Currency License, and starting development of the DESTO community apps. Beyond the Softcap, there are three more milestones to be reached before the Hardcap of USD 43 Million.
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